The Wind of Change

Of course the title of this post was blatantly borrowed from the Scorpions (I do love the song)

For the past 5 years I have designed, implemented and supported our corporate IT infrastructure. We have grown (sometimes too fast) and have established a solid and sound foundation for the ever-evolving market and business needs.

The time has come for a new adventure and change of focus.

Starting Mid-April I will be moving to a new position of Platform architect in NDS.

Part of my responsibilities will be the architectural design of our products (with a strong emphasis on the virtualization aspect). I will focus on what I am good at – designing the best solution for the customer and take a step back from the support aspect.

So what can you expect to change? Well one thing is for sure. I will continue blogging (so that won’t be it), I will continue to share with you my views, my thoughts and my ideas.

One thing that will change is – I will be now looking at other solutions and not working day-to-day with only VMware. Which if you ask me is actually a good thing. I have said this more than once – the days of VMware being the one and only player in the market are soon to be over. Some will choose Hyper-V or KVM over vSphere for a number of reasons – be they justified or not – it does not matter.

I will try to continue to be as technical as possible (because that is my passion) but you can expect some other aspects to creep their way in here as well. Elasticity, Cloud, Automation will be my daily bread and butter.

So bear with me – it will be a good ride!!