Top Blogs Results - Thank You All for Your Vote

Eric Siebert has posted the results from the Top Blog 2012 survey.

I would like to thank you one and all for casting your vote. I am very please with the results that were published and wish to congratulate each and every one of the 187 bloggers on the list for doing an amazing job and especially those who made it into the top 25 spots.

I was ranked #45 in the overall listing. I was surprised to see that my blog was voted #7 in the Scripting category – there are several who are far more worthy than I to have received such a ranking.

In the independent blogger category I was ranked #11 – which again is an honor.

Thank you all once more and here is looking to a great 2012!!

My Top 25 Blogger twitter list has been updated. A few new lists have been added as well:

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