How many vMotions?? - The PowerCLI Way

As an addition to Luc Deken’s and Jonathan Medd’s great VIProperty Module, I wanted to add one property that I found useful.

Ever wanted to know how many vMotions have been made in your clusters?

Using the GUI is fine, but not for more than one cluster. You can see the option on the summary tab of your cluster


And of course the PowerCLI way.

New-VIProperty -Name NumberVmotions -ObjectType Cluster -Value {
 } -force

And now you have a new parameter called NumVMotions (and yes that the way VMware defined the property)

[18:11:39 PM] ~> Get-Cluster RD | select Name, NumberOfHosts, NumCPU, NumberOfVMs, NumberVmotions

Name           : RD
NumberOfHosts  : 6
NumCPU         : 52
NumberOfVMs    : 384
NumberVmotions : 2170

And for all your clusters..

Get-Cluster | select Name, NumberVmotions | ft -AutoSize

Great Module!!!!