The ESXi Quiz Show - VSP1956

This is going to be fun!! Why you may ask?

  1. because it has never been done before
  2. it is a great idea
  3. more than 400 people have already registered for this session.

This was Duncan Epping’s brainchild.Bring a group of vExpert’s together - and make an entertaining session out of it all. VMworld is all about knowledge, well ok also about technology a bit, and beer a bit as well, but what good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others?

There will be 3 Teams.

vExpert Team – The Raging vBulls

  • Chad “Warrior-Monk” Sakac
  • Jason “vTerminator” Boche
  • Maish “vBeliever” Saidel-Keesing
  • Eric “Link Master” Siebert

vExpert Team – vPredators

  • Vaughn “Sgt NFS” Stewart
  • Tom “VDI Warrior” Howarth
  • Mike “Axel” Foley
  • Scott “VMGuru” Herold

VMware Team – vRaminators

  • Frank “distributed” Denneman
  • John “VCDX 001″ Arrasjid
  • Kit “VC Ops” Colbert
  • Massimo “Hybrid Cloud” Re Ferre

I like all the “nicknames” we all have attached to the our names (and I will not tell you what the original name Duncan thought of for me [movie star])

The vPredators will compete against the Raging vBiulls - and the winner of that round will go up against the vRaminators.

It is going to be a blast, buzzers and all all, John Troyer, Duncan Epping, and a special mystery judge will be present as well.

If you have not already signed up - do so!!