Blogger Reality Show - Starts on Tuesday

Last week I blogged about how I was going to get to VMworld, and all of this is due to the fact that I am participating in a Blogger Reality Contest.

Our first session will be this Tuesday  Session 1: Converged Storage

After this session I will post an article on my thoughts on the solution presented.

And this is where I will need your help. 60% of the points allocated to each contestant will be counted by reactions from my Twitter and blog followers. Since that I have a large number of people following me - hence the request for your assistance. The other 40% of the score will be given by the judges themselves.

The scoring mechanism is actually quite simple and is based on the reaction of those who read the article. On each article there will be a poll similar to this one below. Feel free to try out the test form


ll you will have to do is put in your vote (and if you really think my post sucked the big one - then feel free to put your No vote.)

The more people that vote, the higher the score - up to a maximum of 60/100 so…

Keep your browsers tuned and come on and join the ride…