Cloud Connect - Here is your Chance!!

Cloud Connect

I received this email on Friday and just received the OK to pass this offer on.

From: A.
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 21:09
To: [email protected]

Subject: Thanks for completing that survey on clouds

You’re one of the winners (according to the very scientific =randbetween function in Google Spreadsheet.)

If you can make it to Cloud Connect ( on March 7, let me know, and I’ll mail you a Flexpass code which will let you attend the whole event for free. If you can’t make it, please tell me so I can let the next winner know.

I will not be able to make this conference - I would have really liked to.

And here is where someone gets to benefit. I am giving this pass away to a someone who will be able to use it. This is how it will work.

Post a comment below the post to explain why you would like to go, and what the benefit you expect to receive from participating in this event and how you will use this knowledge to pay something forward to the community.

The winner will be chosen from those who posts a comment below. I will look for a co-judge to determine who that is.

Entries will be accepted until 21.00 (GMT +2) Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011.

Winner will be announced by 23.00 (GMT +2) Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011.

The Winner will receive a full Flex Pass valued at $2,095 - Hotel and Travel arrangements you will have to take care of yourself.

The Speaker List - if very impressive and here is some more info about the conference.


Join your colleagues at Cloud Connect, where enterprise IT and cloud providers meet to set the cloud roadmap and explore the latest technologies, platforms and opportunities in the cloud.

Thousands of cloud leaders and technology experts from top companies attend to get the latest on private clouds, industry standards, data storage and CloudSec. Gain insight to move your deployment forward and reap the benefits of the cloud.

Gain comprehensive insight from the experts who are living the disruptive transformation of the cloud every day. Learn high level strategies to craft your utility computing plans, details on how to optimize cost, performance, capacity and risk, and real word end user examples.

Cloud Economics

Hear leading proponents of Cloudonomics provide detailed analytical methods, case studies and benchmark data.

  • Cloudonomics: Private, Public or Hybrid?
  • Clearing Up Cloud Computing
  • The Economics of the Cloud
  • How Does ROI Drive Architecture?


Learn how to protect yourself through encryption, auditing, new technologies and proven best practices.

  • Attacking and Defending Cloud Computing
  • Building Trust and Compliance in the Cloud
  • Securing the Cloud—A Cloud Provider’s Perspective
  • Private vs. Hybrid vs. Public Cloud Security: Dismissing the Myths

Culture, Risks and Governance

Find out how to address the risks and challenges that arise on your way to cloud adoptation.

  • Cloud Risk Factors and Assumptions: Any Different than the Economics of Traditional IT Risk?
  • Cloud Regulation: Is Governance Needed or Even on the Horizon?
  • Cloud Hedging Debate
  • Clouds Beyond Borders: When are Clouds too Big to Fail?

The Future of Utility Computing

Learn how IT strategy will change in the coming years thanks to the new era of democratized IT.

  • The Move to Turnkey Computing
  • A Global View of Connected Computing
  • Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

Performance and Monitoring

Learn how to measure and manage on-premise and third-party hosted cloud-based workloads.

  • Understanding Cloud Performance
  • Cloud Performance from the Perspective of Vendors and Users
  • Performance Measurement for the Cloud

Data and Storage

Look at the emerging field of “Big Data” and what cloud storage means for IT professionals.

  • Running One of the Biggest Transactional Websites in the Cloud: How Reddit Manages their Data
  • NoSQL and Big Data in the Cloud
  • Everyone Can Now Afford a Disaster Recovery Center
  • Creating a Storage Cloud with Ceph

DevOps and Automation

Look at the changing face of application engineering, from the first line of code to the automation of massively distributed systems.

  • Moving from “Dev vs. Ops” to “DevOps”
  • Automating the Gaps Between Development and Operations
  • Ask the Experts: The DevOps Panel

Design Patterns

Learn how to tailor cloud architectures, keep applications fast and reliable, and handle off-the-shelf and home-grown applications as they move to on-demand platforms.

  • Scalable Application Design Patterns: 30 Proven Patterns in 30 x 2 Minutes
  • Building Highly Scalable Java Applications on Windows Azure
  • How to Think Like a Cloud: Architectural Design Patterns in AWS
  • Cloud Event Processing

Private Clouds

See hybrid and private cloud architectures, focusing on how cloud models alter infrastructure, network and storage decisions.

  • Virtualization On Demand vs. Private Cloud
  • Real Barriers and Solutions to Implementing Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing: Final Answer or Transitory Architecture?
  • Implementing Private Cloud: Open Source vs. Everyone Else

Cloud Connect is the only event to bring together cloud customers and providers in one place to drive cloud computing growth and innovation.

See the latest cloud technologies and learn from thought leaders in Cloud Connect’s comprehensive conference and expo.

Good Luck!!