What is in Store for 2011 and How to Keep up?

2010 has come and gone. It has been a great year, seriously, there are so many things I can point out that continue to amaze me, that makes me wonder sometimes what is it that I do that has  brought these great times upon me.

Two contributions of mine that were published lately were predictions on what is store for us in 2011.

Predictions for 2011 by the virtualization community - Veeam 

2011 server virtualization predictions from our advisory board - SearchServerVirtualization.com

I will not repeat any of the the predictions that have been published above - but I would like to add a small something on a personal note.

Keeping up with the technological advances is becoming harder. Anyone that does not agree - put up your hand! More and more products are being released, by all of the major players in the industry.Be it virtualization, be it the supporting Eco shell around it (monitoring, management, planning, security etc. etc.) , be it the hardware vendors, the storage vendors the sausage vendors, (hey not the sausage people - just wanted to check if you were paying attention). If you are not developing a product that will be connected with virtualization in some way - then you are losing out on a really large potential market.

If I were to dedicate all my time (which I cannot - I have a life - and a day job) to only testing all the new products, technologies that are being released, developed on a daily basis, then perhaps, maybe I would be able to keep up. Maybe. Only very few of us can actually do this there just is not enough time.

So how to keep up? I have a few suggestions.

  1. Twitter. Twitter is a unbelievable source of information, it is actually sometimes scary and can become quite an addiction, that is why you have to control how you use Twitter. If you have not already joined in I would suggest the following lists to follow.

    If you you were to follow the people in these lists (and some of them overlap) then you will most probably follow most of the people that are active in the VMware/virtualization world - that would give you a good push start.

  2. PlanetV12N. If this is the only thing you can do - then subscribe to this feed. This is a great source of information which is something that I make time (actually more than once) daily to go over the blog articles and news that was released.

    If you have any other good sources - then please feel free to share!

  3. Concentrate on certain projects and products, not everything has to be tested, evaluated. Pick and choose what you find to be relevant to your business and your needs. I suppose, that if the need arises (and is justified) for a certain product to be tested, then the time will be allocated and freed for you.

2011 is going to be a whirlwind of a year - with a great amount of technology and ideas that will emerge and evolve and go GA

I hope to get back to more regular blogging, now that I have completed a major project, that you will be hearing about in the not very distant future.

Thank you all for a great year, and here is looking forward to an even better one!!!