Social Media Users List at VMworld 2010

John Troyer published a document on the VMworld site

VMworld 2010 is going to be a whirlwind of technological and social activity. Let’s keep in touch! If you are going to VMworld 2010 in San Francisco and use social media - like blogs or Twitter – please add yourself to the list below. We’re going to use this in a few ways at the event.

  • We’ll pull blog and Twitter feeds from this list to aggregate and feature on
  • If you do have a blog, you’ll qualify to be an ‘official blogger’ at VMworld 2010, with access to the blogger lounge and blogger and press briefings
  • Other people will know to expect you and to watch out for you at the lounge

If you are a blogger and will be at VMworld in San Francisco - go and add yourself to the list.

There will be a separate list for Copenhagen released soon.

T minus 31 days till it starts.

And no I did not look at my calendar - I used Powershell to give me the answer.

(Get-Date -Date 29/08/2010) - (Get-Date -Date 29/07/2010) | Select-Object Days | Format-List

Days:  31