Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell for AD-1.4

Quest just released a new version of there amazing Active Directory Module - Version 1.4

Here is Dmitry’s Post about the release:

There are many new Cmdlets available here are some of the details from the release notes

1.1. New cmdlets

  • Get-QADLocalCertificateStore
  • New-QADLocalCertificateStore
  • Remove-QADLocalCertificateStore
  • Get-QADCertificate
  • Where-QADCertificate
  • Add-QADCertificate
  • Import-QADCertificate
  • Show-QADCertificate
  • Edit-QADCertificate
  • Export-QADCertificate
  • Remove-QADCertificate
  • Remove-QADPrivateKey
  • Get-QADCertificateRevocationList
  • Add-QADCertificateRevocationList
  • Import-QADCertificateRevocationList
  • Export-QADCertificateRevocationList
  • Remove-QADCertificateRevocationList
  • Get-QADPKIObject
  • Publish-QADCertificate
  • Unpublish-QADCertificate
  • Publish-QADCertificateRevocationList
  • Unpublish-QADCertificateRevocationList
  • Add-QADProxyAddress
  • Set-QADProxyAddress
  • Remove-QADProxyAddress
  • Clear-QADProxyAddress
  • Enable-QADEmailAddressPolicy
  • Disable-QADEmailAddressPolicy
  • Set-QADProgressPolicy
  • Get-QADProgressPolicy
  • Set-QADInactiveAccountsPolicy
  • Get-QADInactiveAccountsPolicy

1.2. New parameters

1.3. Multi-value SearchRoot Parameter

The data type of the SearchRoot parameter has been changed to support a search within two or more containers at a time. This parameter now accepts an array of objects rather than a single object as it was with earlier versions. This makes it possible for the cmdlet to search multiple containers identified by the SearchRoot parameter value. For example, you can supply an array of strings each of which
represents the canonical name of a certain container, to retrieve objects from all of the containers specified.

  1. Bugs fixed

[48939] Cannot work with object that contain round brackets in their names in Proxy mode.
[48941] Command ‘Get-QADRootDSE | Format-List ’ fails in Proxy mode.
[112742] Command ‘Get-QADGroup -ContainsMember ’ doesn’t work in Proxy mode.
[112870] Command ‘Get-QADGroupMember ‘Domain Users’ | Get-QADUser’ renders significant memory leak in Direct mode.
[113168] Set-QADUser can’t work with input object of type ‘inetOrgPerson’.
[115955] New-QADObject can’t create objects with special symbols in name in Proxy mode.
[117478] Cannot set AD LDS user as owner for another AD LDS user.
[114381] ObjectAttributes parameter in New-QAD
cannot be passed by pipeline.
[116033] Get-QARSApprovalTask throws exception if task with status ‘Canceled’ present in result.
[115106] Add-QADGroupMember throws error when trying to add user to it’s primary group.
[116484] New-QADObject should continue its execution with -ErrorAction:Continue if the object already exists.
[104161] ‘Remove-QADObject -DeleteTree’ should work properly for objects in Win 2008 R2 Recycle Bin.
[121356] Set-QADUser works incorrectly with import of multivalued attributes.

As you can see from the release notes there a multitude of new features released.

I find these Cmdlets a necessity in my day to day work in Management of Active Directory.

Download Links Below

ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory 32-bit

ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory 32-bit - Zip

ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory 64-bit

ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory 64-bit - Zip

ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory - Administrator’s Guide (PDF)

ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory - User Help Guide

The Zip files include the Build History (Release Notes) Administrator’s Guide and the Help Guide.

I am personally looking forward to kicking the tires on this one!