Plug-ins and Tomcat

I have another post coming up regarding 2rd party plug-ins - explaining a few things I have learned over the past two days - regarding SSL and getting that to work with your properly in the vSphere client, but first…

I am extremely grateful to all those who are providing their plug-ins to make the administrators life easier to work with.

Both EMC and NetApp have their plug-ins.

I have installed both the Rapid Cloning Utility (RCU) and the Virtual Storage Console (VSC).

I have yet to get to know both of the tools and use them to their full potential, I hope to post my findings here in the future.

I did notice something though. Both tools are built on a Tomcat Web Application. They are both installed on the vCenter server. Which is also running - you guessed - a Tomcat server.

So I now have 3 Tomcat processes running simultaneously.


I am personally not a Tomcat person - even though I am getting to know it (to my dismay) better and better - but I am sure there must be a better way to do this?


I do not want 3 processes (doing basically the same thing just on different ports) - which are taking disk space and RAM and need the same SSL certificate, etc. etc…

Ideas anyone?

My request is to find a way to have these apps all run under the same web server - If possible the vCenter Web Server and not have each plug-in/vendor install there own full web server for each