So I need some assistance - VMworld 2010 Sessions

Ok it is up.

I see that all three of my submissions are up for Public Voting. (good to know that I am still up for consideration).

If you would like to see the sessions below accepted for VMworld - pop on over to the
VMworld 2010 Call for Papers Public Voting! and submit a click.

There a great number of sessions there - and many familiar names - and again I am honored to have my names up with such a great list of people.

You will need a VMworld account (free registration) and remember you can only click on each session once.

2 sessions in the Private Cloud Management Track and one on the Virtualization 101

Title: vCenter Migration - It’s a Snap with POWERCLI

Session Id: MA6840

Abstract: “In this session, you will learn that there are certain cases where you would like to migrate your vCenter environment from one server to another without keeping the previous data and database problems from the previous environment. The session will walk the attendees through the steps of which information should be collected for a successful migration. Then we will describe the step by step by step process of collecting the correct information that is needed for export including Folder Structure, Virtual Machine locations, DRS rules, Templates, Custom Attributes, Permission, Resource Pools - all of this using POWERCLI. The next stage will be to use all the information collected to disconnect the ESX Hosts from the old vCenter server to to new with no downtime to the Virtual Machines. We will recreate the folder structure and move all VM’s back to their original location, apply all custom attributes and permissions back to the VM’s and folders”**

Type: Breakout Session

Track: Private Cloud - Management

Speaker Detail: Maish Saidel-Keesing Company: NDS

It’s a Snap with POWERCLI

Title: Creating Your Virtual Lab in a few easy steps

Session Id: MA6662

Abstract: “In order to perform your due diligence before planning any change or testing a new product, you will need a lab environment. Utilizing VMware Products - such as ESX/ESXi/Workstation you can deploy a Lab in a very short time. This session will explain how to deploy a fully functioning vSphere environment in an easy fashion without the need for major expenses on hardware. All of this can be deployed on a single Desktop and even in certain cases on you laptop as well. During this session I will demonstrate how to deploy a Storage appliance for shared storage, ESXi hosts, vCenter as a VM, configuring HA, VMotion and other Enterprise features to create a base point for a lab “**

Type: Breakout Session

Track: Private Cloud - Management

Speaker Detail: Maish Saidel-Keesing Company: NDS

Creating Your Virtual Lab in a few easy steps

Title: ESX Server deployment System

Session Id: V18364

Abstract: “Deployment of an ESX host is something that we all need to do once (at least). ESX can be deployed with a kickstart script making it almost a ““hands-off”” experience, but since ESXi is a different platform is is not possible to script the installation. In this breakout session I will demonstrate a system that will allow you to utilize every day tools for central deployment of ESX regardless of what the platform is - ESX / ESXi The solution is based on the following: - a PERL script that is executed at installation completion to send a notification - the notification is received - and the post configuration is started with POWERCLI - all settings are pre-populated in a file/Database - which allows for re-installation of Host in minimal time - record all settings of installation to Database - notification of Server ready.”**

Type: Breakout Session

Track: Virtualization 101

Speaker Detail: Speaker: Maish Saidel-Keesing Company: NDS

ESX Server deployment System

Do remember - that if your session is not in the list, then it could mean that it was rejected - or perhaps it was already acepted, but until June 7 - you will not know.