Mistakes, Mistakes and more mistakes..

Small Rant …

Over the last two weeks there have been a numerous amount of occurrences where VMware employees have voiced new announcements in Public, and thereafter several bloggers have posted on their blogs information based on these announcements.

Content here, here, here, here and here.

Now what you will find in common with all of the above posts - is that they either have been pulled, or the content they were pointing to has been removed.

I personally have been asked (in the past and not related to the topics above) to remove content off of my blog because the material was confidential and not for public knowledge - but the source forgot to tell me and 60 other people in the room with me that this information was under NDA.

I mean we all make mistakes - we are all human, but I would like to put in a public request to VMware and to any other vendor as well for that matter. If you do not want something out in the public - do not go and announce it on a public forum! You will have to go around cleaning up your mess after you.

This does not add to your credibility.