VMware workstation - Small Rant

Every now and again VMware releases an update for their products, among those are also VMware Workstation. I have a small issue with the whole thing.

Firstly, I must say this is only regarding those who are running Workstation on Windows - from what I hear this does not happen on on a Linux Host OS.

When you install an update for Workstation - you are required to reboot the machine. That would be fine and more than acceptable - but this has to be done twice. Workstation cannot update the software it has to uninstall the previous version, reboot and then install the new version and then reboot again.

All in all the the process took 35 minutes from start to finish (Uninstall - Reboot - Install - Reboot).

Is there no way that VMware can make this process less time consuming??

Thanks @jasonboche @wilva for the empathy :)