New Free Products from Vizioncore

Vizioncore have released 3 new products that are free.


vControl Multi-Hypervisor Management provides multi-VM control and task-based automation to reduce VM administration and improve consistency. Furthermore, vControl Multi-Hypervisor Management allows organizations to automate manual and repetitive tasks while enabling a cost-effective solution for high availability in the data center.

Working across multiple platforms, including VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and Sun Solaris Zones, vControl gives administrators the power to manage single or multiple VMs one-by-one or simultaneously. Finally, vControl Multi-Hypervisor Management provides pre-configured workflows to manage daily tasks, as well as a workflow builder for customization.

vControl Multi-Hypervisor Management helps organizations:

  • Reduce virtual machine (VM) administration time and errors without sacrificing control of the virtual environment
  • Perform various actions on a single VM or for multiple VMs to reduce time and effort
  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks while freeing up time to perform more valuable tasks
  • Reduce the costs of providing high availability (HA) to VMs
  • Reduce VM configuration and setup times while preventing oversight

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vConverter SC freeware from Vizioncore is enterprise-class software that significantly reduces the time, cost, and effort required to convert physical and virtual machines to VMware®, Microsoft®, or XenServer™. vConverter SC is suitable for all types and sizes of server consolidation initiatives where several or even thousands of physical servers need to be virtualized.

vConverter SC enables fast, easy and reliable conversions without disrupting the source physical system during the conversion process. There is no need to reboot, no need to visit machines being converted and no software to install on the source, which means virtually no downtime, thus significantly reducing the time and cost of the conversion process. vConverter SC also automates many time consuming and error prone conversion tasks such as target VM configuration and post conversion clean up.

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vOPtimizer Wastefinder

vOptimizer WasteFinder is powerful freeware product that scans through VMware vCenter Servers (formerly Virtual Center) to locate over allocated virtual storage and misaligned Virtual Machines (VMs). The vOptimizer WasteFinder Space and Alignment Report provides totals of wasted storage and also a potential savings estimate if the space is reclaimed.

This unique storage optimization solution allows organizations to determine whether they are wasting expensive storage assets, to locate which VMs will yield the best storage reclamation results, and to discover how much money they are really spending on unused virtual storage. Potential savings estimates are calculated using customer provided storage costs and free space requirements to ensure accuracy.

vOptimizer WasteFinder also locates all VMs that not properly aligned on 64K partition boundaries. Improperly aligned VMs experience decreased I/O throughput and higher latency. Optionally, vOptimizer Pro from Vizioncore can be purchased to quickly and easily reclaim wasted virtual storage and to align VMs to proper 64K partition boundaries.

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