ESX4i build 171294 - released

From a query on the VMTN forums, I found this one.

It seems there has been a release (very very quiet one… sshhhh..) from the original GA code version 164009.

It now seems there are two versions of ESX4i floating around now.


ESX4i Free 



There are no release notes for the new version, so I do not know if anything changed.

Feelers are out on Twitter - for more info. If I have any new info I will update this post.

Update 1 - Found another post on the forums with the same build number.

Update 2 - Host Update Utility would not upgrade a ESX4i build 164009 vm


So I built a new VM with the new VMware-VMvisor-Installer-4.0.0-171294.x86_64.iso


Now to see what has changed.

Update 3 - a quick check of what was reported in this post have not been fixed in this release.