The vSphere 4.0 Beta – Thanks!

Many of the bloggers that are active in the community, participated in the vSphere 4.0 Beta, I was amongst the chosen few.

We were all under NDA, sworn to secrecy and not allowed to publish any info as to what the world was in store for. Later on down the road some information started to leak out, questions about vSphere and the NDA arose, but let bygones be bygones.

Knowing something that others don’t is kind of fun – but at times can also be frustrating – I mean you want to discuss your opinions, experiences and disappointments with others – but you actually can’t – because you are under NDA.

The amount of improvements and new features that were released with the new version are countless – so many new things, so many things improved – I am confident that this is a better product, has more functionality and will empower us to all present better solutions to our customers, our clients and our employers.

The Beta Forums have been full with posts, information and problems – and most (if not all) issues were dealt with accordingly in the forums by the VMware staff and the other Beta testers.

Now the cat is out of the Bag – the release is publicly available – and all the information is now public knowledge – for the good and the bad. And we all have a lot of work to do.

Expect a large amount of information coming from the Blogosphere in the upcoming future (if you haven’t already noticed)

Below is a small ”Thank You” note from VMware. I think we all deserve it.