VMware vCenter Mobile Access

So today a little surprise was released by VMware, vCenter Mobile Access.

Below is a short demo released with the announcement.

A small excerpt from the product overview:

Ever wish you could restart a virtual machine or migrate it to another host from the convenience of your mobile phone? With VMware vCenter Mobile Access, you can…

VMware vCenter Mobile Access allows you to monitor and manage VMware Infrastructure from your mobile phone with an interface that is optimized for such devices. Specifically, it allows you to:

  • Search for virtual machines in your data center
  • Migrate virtual machines from one host to another using vMotion
  • Execute recovery plans using VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • Access Scheduled Tasks, Alarms and Events

 And much more…

The release date for the technology preview is set for April 2009.

I wonder how much more we think we can squish into such a small screen???