So when will we see the get the next version of ESX?

Rumors rumors…….

This came up on SearchVMware (Hannah Drake - Associate Editor of

**The release of VMware Infrastructure 4 is slated for first half of this year. What will happen to the current VCP exam, which focuses on VI3?
Typically, when an updated product is released, the older product will continue to be the focus of the exam for the greater part of a year. In this case, VMware would make the announcement that it’s retiring the VI3-focused VCP exam in a year. The new exam usually won’t become available for six to nine months after the product is released. Also, it takes a short while for people to shift platforms and upgrade to a new release.

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So Hannah was asked where the information was from and the reply received was:

“actually right from Bogomil Balkansky (sr dr. product marketing, VMware)…he stopped by to interview two weeks ago.”

So do think we can all expect a new version of VI before June 30th??

What do you all say? Will the release be ready or is VMware jumping the gun?