Hyper-V Technologies - Wrong Information

Well this is nothing new, we see this all the time, but today it really annoyed me. During a lecture I participated in today with a Microsoft Partner at Microsoft offices in Israel today, one of the slides were comparing costs between VMware and Hyper-V.

1 Host - 4 guest VM’s
Hyper-V VMware
Windows 2008 Server $2,500 $2,500
Hypervisor - (Built-in) $5,800 (3.5 Enterprise)
System Center $1,500 -
Virtual Center - $5,800
Total $4,000 $14,100

Now Come on!!!!! - Where did they get these numbers? I guess that Microsoft think that people do not know how to compare technologies one to another.

  1. If you are only using one host - then why do you need Virtual Center?
  2. Let’s say you need the functionality to deploy templates etc. - then you cannot get away with a Standalone License - but the Bundles are much cheaper than what was presented above.
  3. For one host - you will not need an Enterprise License ($5,800) - for the same features that Hyper-V provides - a Foundation license ($1,000) will be more than overkill - you will probably be able to get away with a ESX3i free license (if you do not need central management).
  4. Comparing System Center to Virtual Center is not accurate (and if I was to put it less diplomatically - pure nonsense!!!).

Get your facts straight - and as I have said more than once - compare apples to apples - not apples to oranges.