Why Are There two VMware VMTN Communities With the Same Name

I came across something really weird today.

Vmware have lots of community forums, and while trying to make some order in the alerts I receive from the forums, I noticed that there are two communities that deal with the same thing, but are in different places, with different content.

and this one

Now I asked the group of Virtual folks on Twitter and the answers I have received so far is:

  • One is vCenter and the other is vCenter Server
  • Different Levels in the VMware Communities

But seriously folks.. Why have two different forums with almost the same content, we actually talked about this topic on the Communities Roundtable Podcast #27, so until then I am going to have to continue receiving alerts from both locations till VMware gets their act sorted out.


The answer I got from John Troyer: 

@maishsk First URL is vCenter (Server), 2nd has no threads, is *parent* category for management tools (look at upper right for children)

Makes sense, but it is still confusing ??????????