Time to Change the Passwords Again...

Do you all know how one of the biggest headaches you have is changing all the service accounts and administrative passwords on a regular basis? Well I did that this week.

This entailed changing passwords on almost 10 different accounts, local administrator passwords on over 100 servers, Local services, and tasks running under these accounts.

It wasn’t so bad though the only real headache is the changing of the local passwords on the servers, the services and the tasks.

Here is how I changed the service credentials (rename the file extensions to .ps1)


Change Admin Password on remote computers


Tasks - I have not found a decent script yet to perform this - when I do I will let you all know.

And of course dont forget to run Eventcombt to check that you have not missed anywhere (or naturally there are places that you never knew about in the first place :) ) to catch all those incorrect loin attempts.

Have a good one - it is about time I went to sleep.