Active Directory Health Check

Well I have spent the past two days with a Microsoft PFE (Premier Field Engineer) who has been doing a quick health check for issues in our domain.

This does not replace an Active Directory Risk Assessment Process (ADRAP) - but was a highly informative and educating session.

ADRAP Objectives

  • Perform a detailed analysis of an organization‘s Active Directory environment.
  • Review Active Directory configuration.
  • Improve availability by eliminating single points of failure and by verifying that fault tolerant designs are in place.
  • Improve Active Directory performance.
  • Reduce service outages and subsequent downtime by identifying current or imminent issues.
  • Impart knowledge and skills to administer, manage, and troubleshoot Active Directory.
  • Provide tools and methodologies that will enable customers to identify existing problems.

So I have spent the past two days deep-diving into my forest.

It was a fun two days, tons of stuff I have learned, and points taken for fixing and improvement. It is always a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable people - and our PFE is highly qualified and skilled.